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 Old friend: Firo

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PostSubject: Old friend: Firo   Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:48 pm

Summon Template

Name: Firoga Piros (Firo)
Magic Cost: 20mp
Requirements: heat source and enough room to summon
Class: Offensive/Supplementary
Element: Fire
Summon Duration: 10 posts
Summon Capabilities: Ability to absorb fire into himself, Solar Flare: Ability to shoot fire from his mouth, Solar Burst: fire burst from his whole body

History: Firo was of the noble class of fire hounds seen as his large horn on his head is the symbol of the royal family, a known rule breaker Firo disagreed on most of his families decisions such as the classifications of nobles as better than the common animals. Ashamed of his lienage Firo decided to renounce his seat on the throne and escape to the nearby forests of the fire nation where he took the role of the forest's guardian. Cinka had met Firo when he had lived in the forests, at first the two fought one another, both showing the same attitude and almost equals in skill. Ending in a tie, Firo impressed by Cinka's skill decided to travel along side Cinka as his guardian. A wise guardian, Firo usually helps Cinka when he is in tough times and acts as his concious when he is confused.
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Old friend: Firo
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